Thursday, November 10, 2011

QTP 11,Windows 7,IE 8 and IE 9

Here is the collected(from and  information about QTP 10.0, 11.0 with OS
Windows 7 and IE 8/9.

Tool: QTP 11.0
OS:  Windows 7
Browser: IE 9
General Issues: Objects are not recognised and IE gets hanged.
Solutions: Install patch QTPWEB_00078

Tool: QTP 11.0
OS:  Windows 7
Browser: IE 8

General Issues: Objects are not recognised for Web Application.
1. Right Click and run QTP as an Administrator and then try recording
or recognizing objects.
2. Open QTP, go to Record and Run Settings and navigate to the Web tab
and change the settings from a specific browser settings to 'Record on
any open browser' setting and then try recording or recognizing
Reason for not working:
a. QTP needs Admin level privileges to some of its files/registry
options to perform its functionality.
b. Windows 7 has bought in levels of security, your User ID on your
test PC might NOT have had all the admin level privileges.
c. To do one time setting by right clicking on QTP desktop shortcut
and select Properties. Navigate to Compatibility Tab and check the
option Run as Administrator.

Tool: QTP 10.0
OS:  Windows 7
Browser: IE 8
General Issues: Objects are not recognised.
1. Install following two patches
   a. For IE8.0 - qtpweb_00037.exe.
   You can download it from:
   Here is the description of the patch:
   HP QuickTest Professional 10.00 Patch QTPWEB_00037
   (c) Copyright 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
   QTPWEB_00037 - Support for Internet Explorer 8
   This patch provides official support for testing Web applications
in Internet Explorer 8.
   It includes support for working with Internet Explorer 8 on all
operating systems that QuickTest Professional supports.
   (For the complete list, see the QuickTest Professional 10.00 Readme.)

   b. For Windows 7.0 - qtp_00644.exe.
2. Try the below settings:
   a. IE: Select the “Enable 3rd party extensions” option under Tools
–> Advanced section in IE
   b. Open Control Panel, choose User Accounts and Family Safety >>
System and Security Settings>>Change User Account Control
settings>>Set the control to ‘Never notify’ and restart the computer.

Tool: QTP 9.5
OS:  Windows 7
Browser: IE 8

General Issues: IE 8 gets crash.
Solutions: Uncheck 'ActiveX add-in' when launching QTP 9.5 will work
file with IE 8.
Note: Official Support for IE8 is QTP 10.0 with Patch QTPWEB_00037.


  1. Great work........

  2. Rajashekar,

    How do you install a patch? I am having the first error listed above, IE9 crashes with QTP11.


  3. Thanks a lot.. working for me..